Planning Services

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A Few Options

Please remember this list represents just a few examples of our planning services, and our planning team is happy to meet any and all of your planning needs. 
To receive a quote on our planning services, please visit our Quote page.

Venue Selection Services- Our team will meet with you to learn in detail what you are looking for in a venue. We will then conduct research to identify a list of 3-5 venues that meet your needs. You can then opt to have us supply you with a list of questions to take with you as you visit the venues, or you can choose to have one of our planners accompany you on your visits. 

Vendor Selection Services- We will conduct research to identify vendors that are a good fit. We will typically provide up to 3 different companies for each vendor category. The number of vendor categories is completely up to you. After we have provided you with options, we will either provide you with questions that you can take with you when you meet with vendors, or for clients who feel they need a little more support, we are happy to attend the meetings with you. 

Planning Timeline Management- This particular service is extremely helpful to couples who find themselves overwhelmed by the many tasks they need to complete in order to successfully plan their wedding. Our planning team will guide you through the planning process by providing you with task lists and deadlines. Essentially, if you follow these timelines you will be able to plan your wedding with minimal stress and without missing any of even the tiniest details. 

Budget Management- The reality is that weddings can get pretty pricey pretty quickly.This service allows our planning team to help couples identify a budget, determine how best to spend that budget and then ensure that they stick to their budget throughout the planning process. 

Day of Coordination Services- Most of the couples who use our planning services also opt to use our day of coordination services. For more information visit the Day of Coordination page of our website. 

Decor Services- Most of the couples who use our planning services also opt to use our decor services. For more information, visit the Decor Services page of our website. 


Many clients need support and guidance as they travel through the complex journey of wedding planning. Thankfully our experienced planning team is prepared to step in and provide planning services that will not only simplify the planning process, but significantly reduce the stress so often experienced by couples. 

While we have some packages that are commonly selected by couples, we love to take the time to speak with couples in person or via phone to learn about their specific wedding planning needs. This allows our planning team to build custom packages that cater specifically to the individual needs of each of our couples.