The perfect look, feel and ambiance will set the tone for your next event. Our expert design team can transform any event space. Our attention to detail and ability to tie it all together allows us to create a seamless decor design for any event. The work of our team always leaves guests saying "wow"!

Our custom approach to event design allows us to develop a decor concept that meets the needs of each of our clients. Clients who choose this option contract for the labor of our design team. Because the design is completely customized, the final cost of supplies is determined later into the design process. 

In general, our custom design process involves several steps:


  • A Venue visit- the design team will asses the space, take measurements and photos.
  • A Design Consultation- A designer will meet one-on-one with you to review your budget, and your vision. 
  • A Mock Up- The designer will complete a mock-up of most elements of your decor concept so that you can see and approve them.
  • A Budget- The designer will then present you with a comprehensive budget. Although the concept will be developed within your identified budget, we want to be transparent about how we used each dollar of your budget to bring your vision to life.
  • Day Of Services- Our customized design services include the transportation of  decor supplies to the venue, setup of decor and breakdown of decor. 

To learn more about our customized design services, contact us today!

Design Services

Our design team recognizes that our custom design services are not the right fit for every client. Therefore we have several pre-designed packages from which clients can select. Certain elements of each package can be customized to fit the needs and budget of each client. To see our available decor packages and obtain a quote, click here. If you would prefer to schedule a time to chat with a member of our team about your decor needs, please feel free to request an appointment by clicking here.

Decor Services and  Packages

Decor Packages